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Deal: Principal Investment + Fundraise
Size: €201k Raise
Date: February 2015

Cleanventure is a listed German holding company focussing on energy efficiency, in particular combined heat and power (CHP).

In December 2014, the Company announced it had succeeded in winning a competitive bid to acquire the heating infrastructure of a significant portfolio of residential properties in Stuttgart, Germany, in joint-venture with a leading German metering services company. The joint-venture will assume responsibility for all heating services currently managed by the property owner. Cleanventure AG will be responsible in particular for refitting and expanding the existing heating systems, turning them into ultra-efficient cogeneration systems through the use of CHP units.

Cleanventure is listed on the Stuttgart and Munich stock exchanges with the ticker KLVI.

Ironbridge partners have invested as part of a placement and introduced funding from other UK sophisticated investors. IBCP continues to advise the business and has board representation in Cleanventure’s 100% owned subsidiary, ESA Energy Solutions AG.

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